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What Our Students Are Saying

"Jim, I'd like to give you some feedback on my experience in taking your Basic Rider Course. As you know, I already had my motorcycle endorsement on my license but wanted to take the course again with a friend. I'm very glad I did! I had previously taken the course through another school and although it was approximatly 5 years before, I can say without hesitation that your course is superior.

The classroom/video part was very informative and helped to reinforce certain practices. It also made me aware of things that are sometimes taken in stride but should not be. You took the time to answer everyone's questions thouroghly and in a way that was easy to understand.

The range/riding part, of course was the most informative and fun! There was something learned by everyone, which included very first time beginners to people who had been riding for decades. I know we all took away something. The exercises were all explained in great detail and demonstrated beforehand so there were no questions.

The course gave not only myself but everyone in my group a feeling of being a bit more confident, safe and a more responsible motorcycle rider. I am looking forward to coming back and taking your ERC course next!"

 Kelly Lee


 "Sorry for the delayed feedback, I have been on the road traveling. I just want to drop you a note and say thanks for what you do at Ride Safe USA. The course was very professionally designed and organized and the material was excellent. What made the course even better was the personal and caring instruction that you and Marcel brought to the table, two very passionate guys that care about their students. I certainly learned a lot from you guys, which made me more confident to handle a motorcycle safely."

James Kirkpatrick


"I just wanted to share my experience with Jim and Marcel. Jim and Marcel are truly dedicated and very knowledgeable professionals. I feel much better about riding on the road now than ever before because of them. The riding course was amazing the exercises they prepared and the feedback they gave during those demonstration exercises were really effective and professional. Now I know why they have so many great comments on their web site. I will be sending anyone I meet for a course to them because of their personalities and professionalism. They should be commended for creating safer bikers on the road and creating a great learning environment while doing it. Thanks!"

Kenan Uzun


"I would like to say thank you for the class this weekend. I found the class to be held in a very professional manner and it was well structured . Also, it was helpful to have coaches with many years for riding experience. I feel everything I learned in this class will help me be a safe rider and now I feel comfortable riding my motorcycle.  

Thank You!"

-Bryan Cowin


"…From the moment I talked to Jim on the phone I knew I had picked the right school. The classroom part was really informative on different techniques you use on a motorcycle. All of the instructors were easy to get along with, and work with.  I learned so much more about the thought process when riding then just hop on bike and go.  The range training where we actually get on the bikes and perform maneuvers, and other different techniques in riding that I never even knew existed.  They way they trained, and performed demonstrations was great.  I especially liked how everything was ran by the book. No cutting corners on easier tasks.  The same care and attention was given throughout every exercise. I am really glad that I was required to attend this class.  I feel ten times more confident in my ability and knowledge of motorcycling.  If you are getting a bike and are looking for a riding school to get your endorsement, I highly recommend Ride Safe USA.  From the time you first walk in the classroom to the time you leave after completing the course you will wonder how you ever rode without it. Thanks again"

-Mark Rodgers


"Thanks again for the great guidance and experience. I think you all did an amazing job explaining and teaching us how to properly ride.   Be safe, and have a wonderful night!"


"I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience in getting my motorcycle endorsement.   I learned so much and it was a great experience to attain some new skills.   Your team worked so well with one another as well as with each student.   I commend your professionalism and will highly recommend your program to others.  

Also, thank you for getting the paperwork in so promptly to the DMV.   I got my license modified with my endorsement the next day.  You were great."

-Rebecca Proctor

I must say that taking the course was the best money I ever spent. I am much more aware than I ever was, and I had ridden for years. My pre-ride check list, and my upgrade of safety gear, including helmet, gloves, genuine Wolverine boots, long pants and a good leather jacket all add to the riding experience.

Definitely, money well spent! I'm glad that the course is mandatory. It levels the playing field and gives riders a reasonable chance at survival. The instructor was the best. I left there with a genuine admiration for his thoroughness, his patience and his skill level as a rider. Nice guy, too!

-Tom Bolticoff


This course from the beginning all the way to the very end was informative and fun. The classroom instruction seemed to translate well to the course. Both Jim and Marcel provided a learning environment that was both fun and knowledgeble, it was a fun and positive way to learn how to operate motorcycles. Although it is a 16 hour course the organization and method of the riding coaches made the experience painless, from the time your in the classroom till you leave at the end of the day, it leaves you wondering where the time went. This experience did not deter me from wanting to experience the thrills of riding a motorcycle, if anything i am more passionate about this sport and cannot wait to go out and practice riding on my own.

Thank you all, i had nothing less than a positive experience in this riding course. Wish you all a happy new year, and good luck in your future endeavors.

-Thank You
Spencer McKee


First I would like to thank the rider coaches, Jim and Marcel, for the opportunity to partner with them throughout this class. What do I mean by partner ? Well, these guys never made me feel uncomfortable at any point throughout this weekend class and went out of their way to assure we understood both class and "on range" curriculam. They progressed us from the very basics of identifying motorcycle operation in the class to live "on range" demonstrations and student practice. Every maneuver was demonstrated prior to students running the practice runs which made it easy to understand for us "visual learners".
Not only did this class prepare us for motorcycle basics and safety as we move on to the adventures of street riding, it has even increased my awareness and safety driving my car. If you are an advanced rider this course is still for you. I guarentee you will learn something no matter how much of a novice rider you are!
This has truley been a positive experience for me. We had an opportunity to make friends and join a new family. You will not be dissapointed if you make this course your decision to becomming a safe rider! Hats off to Jim and Marcel for making this an enjoyable experience !
I hope they keep the quote "Burn up my clutch" ! You will have to join to know what this means !

-Thank You
Jerry Mix