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Motorcycle Safety Foundations “Basic Rider Course”(BRC)$185.00

 BRC 15 Hour Course (incl. lunch-break) 2-Day Format 

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Anyone requesting a Motorcycle Endorsement is required to complete our Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Motorcycle Safety Course. This course is designed for Anyone wishing to Learn How To Operate A Motorcycle Safely. The BRC provides the Basic Entry-Level Skills for new or Novice Riders to begin practicing and developing Mental And Motor Skills necessary for safe Motorcycle Operations. Our BRC consists of approximately 5-Hours classroom instruction followed by 10-Hours On-Motorcycle Coaching.   Both segments are Facilitated by Professional, Experienced Motorcyclists who are Trained As Rider Coaches by the Department of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles-Florida Rider Training Program “FRTP” To Ensure Your Learning. All Coaches At RideSafeUSA follow strictly the Mandated Curriculum As Established By The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and accepted by DHSMV- Florida Rider Training Program.                                                                                                                                                                          

Classroom: The classroom introduces the student to the different types of Motorcycles, their Controls and skills necessary to Ride Safely, and with Confidence. An important segment of the course will show you how to create a strategy for dealing with normal as well as critical traffic situations.  The class portion is instructed in Learner Centered Fashion to assist in retaining the information communicated. At the conclusion of the class segment, a knowledge test is given.


Range (Secure) Motorcycle Course:  During this portion of the Basic Rider Course, the participant is introduced to Straight-Line Riding, progressing to Turning and Shifting and Stopping. Your Coaches will gradually introduce Weaving, Cornering, Swerving, Stopping Quickly and much more.  Think of the riding skills as building blocks, one skill set prepares for the next one to come.  


Finally You Will Have Earned Your Basic Rider Course Card and Motorcycle Endorsement.



What you will need for the course:

1. Long Sleeve Shirt or Jacket.  

2. Denim Jeans or Heavy Pants with a Good, Secure Fit.

3. Over the Ankle footwear that Protect the Ankle Bone.

4. Full Fingered Sturdy Gloves

5. Shatter Resistant Sunglasses or Safety Glasses.

6. Sunscreen & Lip Protection.

7. If You Own A DOT Approved Helmet You May Use It.



We Provide:

Training Motorcycles, Helmets, Cold Water, Expert Coaching, Patience, Dedication, And Fun!


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Video: Basic Rider Course Highlights