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Terms and Conditions

The class will proceed at the times specified regardless of weather conditions. Only in rare circumstances of un-safe weather will class be postponed. To successfully complete the course, complete attendance is required. If you are late and the class has already started, you have missed the opportunity to attend that class, and you will forfeit your registration fee. To be eligible for a Florida Motorcycle Endorsement, you must successfully pass a written test and motorcycle riding skills evaluation as well. Reschedules made 7 calendar days or more from the assigned class date will incur a $75 Administrative fee; within 4-6 calendar days the fee is $95; Reschedules made within 3 or less calendar days will incur a fee of $115.  Cancellations with at least a 14 calendar day notice will incur a fee of $85. No shows and less than 14 calendar days notice results in the forfeiture of the entire registration fee. It should be noted that any cancellation or reschedule must be made with email notification to No cancellation or reschedule is acceptable via phone message to determine time interval established for said reschedule or cancellation.  Prior to class, if your time allows, please feel free to watch a short video clip about our Basic Rider Course online at:

See you in class! - Jim Gillet/Ride Safe USA Motorcycle School

Email: Toll Free: (877) 585-2453

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