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Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: “Florida Worst State For Motorcycle Riders”

Riders and their passengers are thirty times (30) more likely to die in crashes than occupants inside four-wheel vehicles. That’s largely because vehicle occupants are inside cars and trucks that are much more crash-resistant now than they were even a few years ago, but motorcycle riders are totally exposed to danger. As a result, riders and passengers often suffer serious or even fatal injuries in these cases, including:

Neck and Spine Injuries: Both the jarring impact of the collision and the blunt force trauma of striking the pavement are more than enough to cause paralysis and other permanent injury.Brain Injury: Helmets may protect riders from trauma wounds, but they offer no protection against motion wounds. Think about what happens if you shake an egg and the yoke repeatedly hits the inside of the shell.Blood Loss: Between the external and internal trauma injuries, most motorcycle crash victims lose significant amounts of blood, especially if they are more than a minute or two away from an emergency responder.

Not wearing a helmet may be considered contributory negligence in Florida. Because they are automatically considered serious injuries under the no-fault law, motorcycle crash victims are always entitled to compensation for their medical bills and other tangible losses, in addition to emotional distress and other intangible losses.

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Your Ride Safe USA Team

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