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RIDE SAFE USA RIDING TIPS: How to get motorcycle license and pass the motorcycle driving test. The first step in the process of getting your motorcycle endorsement is to enroll in a Basic Rider Course sponsored by MSF and sanctioned by the Florida Rider Training Program if you are in Florida that is. Prepare mentally and physically to attend a 2 day 15 hour class consisting of 5 hours classroom instructions and 10 hours of driving range motorcycle riding. The motorcycle training teaches new riders how to drive a motorcycle safely and fine-tunes the skills of those who had been riding in the past. The only gear that RIDE SAFE USA schools require of you to bring to the motorcycle classes are: 1. Long Sleeve Shirt or Jacket. 2. Denim Jeans or Heavy Pants with a Good, Secure Fit. 3. Over the Ankle Boots that Protect the Ankle Bone. 4. Full Fingered Sturdy Gloves 5. Shatter Resistant Sunglasses or Safety Glasses. 6. Sunscreen & Lip Protection.

Ride-Safe Ride-Legal Ride-Smart

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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