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Ride Safe USA-Ride Sober

Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: Some stats from NHTSA, in 2017, 5,172 motorcycle riders and passengers died in crashes. Fatalities among motorcycle riders and passengers have more than doubled in number since 1997.

Motorcycles make up 3% of all registered vehicles and only .6% of all vehicle miles traveled in the U.S.Motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 201728% of riders who died in a motorcycle crash in 2017 were alcohol-impaired91% of riders who died in a motorcycle crash in 2017 were male

· 36% of All Fatalities in 2017 Were Older Riders

· Riders 50 and older made up 36% of all motorcycle fatalities in 2017, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. So-called "re-entry riders," who rode in their 20s and decided to take it up again in their late 40s to 60s face additional challenges today: more traffic, more powerful bikes, more distracted drivers and diminished physical skills.

· If you're going to ride a motorcycle, it's important to commit to a lifetime of learning new skills and brushing up on the old ones.

Above all, drinking and riding do not mix. Motorcyclist, their friends, and families should stop supporting motorcycle dealers and brands that promote drinking and riding as acceptable. The impaired driving culture fostered by some dealers who regularly dispense free alcohol on their properties to entice sales and branding borders on willful harm to say the least.

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Your Ride Safe USA Team

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