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Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: The reason for this month’s Safety Tip is the casual interplay of alcohol consumption facilitated during motorcycle sales events. To condone and support any motorcycle manufacturer whose Franchisees use an alcohol rich party atmosphere to sell motorcycles while degrading women with wet T-Shirt contest in the most misogynistic way is far from acceptable. As a parent and motorcycle safety professional, I cannot support any motorcycle dealer whose marketing tools consists of alcohol to bolster sales. According to Dr. Ray Ochs of MSF and the Florida State Rider Program, riding a motorcycle and consuming alcohol does not mix! Before you take a motorcycle training class, educate yourself on how and where the motorcycle course will be conducted. I would not allow my daughter to attend any facility or school where she, just by virtue of her sex will be degraded or treated as an object. To objectify a woman in order to sell motorcycles is not what motorcycle safety is about, it is about saving lives, not the bottom line and sales volume.

Ride Safe-Ride Legal-Ride Smart

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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