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Ride Safe USA Safety Tip : Riding in Wet Weather

Wet roads are simply not as good for traction as dry roads. If it begins to rain during your ride, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) recommends pulling over somewhere safe and waiting for a bit. The roads can be extra slippery when it starts to rain and oil residue floats to the surface. Keep in mind that traction may still not be great when you start to ride again, especially if it’s still raining. It is suggested that you incorporate the following techniques into your ride:

Reduce your speed and put more space between you and other vehicles, because you’ll likely need a longer distance to stop on a wet road with less traction. Avoid puddles, which can make it hard to tell how deep the water truly is. Avoid shiny and smooth surfaces, too, as they tend to be slippery when wet. If possible, ride in tire tracks of a vehicle ahead of you. The treads on car tires push water off to the side, which can briefly leave you dryer pavement to ride on. Stay relaxed and avoid hard braking, quickly accelerating or making abrupt turns on wet roads.

Consider having a one- or two-piece rain suit, boot covers and gloves on hand to help keep you dry and comfortable, says the MSF.

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