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Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Riders Course

RIDE SAFE USA RIDING TIPS: Attending a motorcycle training class will re-introduce the motorcycle enthusiast to the basic concepts of safe riding. Motorcycle safety begins with proper riding gear. The motorcycle school often shares information on different types of motorcycle specific protective gear. To keep it simple, make sure that your Helmet is at least a DOT approved make and model. Your choice in jackets, pants, and footwear are other critical elements that will help keep you protected in the event of an accident. Prepare for the worst, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Stay focused on operating your motorcycle safely with SEE in mind. Don’t drink and ride, even if “Free Beer” is offered at some area Harley Dealerships. As a matter of fact, any motorcycle dealer that encourages drinking and riding does not have your best interest at heart and does not deserve to have your business. Ride Safe – Ride Legal – Ride Smart.

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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