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Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Driving Lessons.

Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: When riding your motorcycle always ensure that you have multiple escape routes in particular when in congested areas. Making it a habit to scan 12 seconds ahead while riding gives you a chance to expect the unexpected and begin formulating a course of action in the event something should go wrong. Anticipate that other motorist may be subject to inattentional blindness, that is failing to see what is plainly visible, namely you, the motorcyclist. Motorcycle Safety begins with taking motorcycle driving lessons and getting trained to get your motorcycle license. Motorcycle courses are intended to teach you how to drive a motorcycle safely and legally. Remember, alcohol and riding a motorcycle do not mix. Remember to avoid and reject motorcycle dealerships that use misogyny and alcohol to bolster sales. For motorcycle dealers to give the impression that drinking and riding is acceptable is unconscionable and should be subject to legal restrictions. Become part of the solution and not part of the problem. Help keep riders safe and reject drinking and riding and the dealers that promote it.

Ride Legal - Ride Sober - Ride Smart. Visit us at

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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