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Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Driving Class

When motorcycle dealers host an occasional sales or marketing event with beer available, judicious consumption is of primary concern. On the other hand, when dealerships put on daily sales events to which free beer and food is advertised, I find it less than in the spirit of safe riding. As a matter of fact, I am familiar with several dealerships who offer free beer and food on a regular basis which leads me to question how much they actually care about their customers. My point, consuming alcohol and riding a motorcycle increases your chances of a crash to a degree that I don’t want my present, past, or future students subject to. It is estimated that 43% of all fatal motorcycle crashes involved alcohol. To that end, it escapes my understanding how a motorcycle manufacturer can encourage and condone its licensees or franchisees to promote their product by marketing their sales using free alcohol and misogyny as an enticement to visit their showrooms. In the hopes that you and your friends will not support such an unconscionable sales environment we encourage all who are interested in learning to drive a motorcycle find a class location removed from alcohol and degrading treatment of women. Wishing all a Safe Ride. Your Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Training School Team.

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