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Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Class

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Ride Safe USA - Savings – Savings – Savings –Savings - Savings Share with friends and family. After several years of offering motorcycle safety courses, we have been able to establish a cooperative and collaborative effort between our motorcycle safety school and area motorcycle dealers and mechanics to support motorcycle safety over hardline sales efforts. Graduates of Ride Safe USA receive a Tuition Re-Imbursement from several area motorcycle dealers whereby the full class tuition amount is credited toward the purchase of any new or used motorcycle, scooter, trike, or any other program vehicle. For those who own a motorcycle prior to attending class, our area participating motorcycle dealers and repair shops will reward you for taking the motorcycle safety class with Ride Safe USA by offering a Free Oil and Filter change coupled with a Safety Inspection representing a Value of up to $150.00 dollars, making the cost to take the class either Free of charge or a mere $ 35.00 dollars. This is one of our motorcycle safety programs intended to teach the importance of motorcycle safety and the relevance of riding free from alcohol. The Tuition Re-Imbursement as well as Oil change with Filter replacement and Safety Inspection is not limited to one Make or Model Motorcycle, Scooter, or Trike. Our participating dealers and shops have a variety of Makes and Models that are sold and serviced. Our service providers include Metric and V-Twin certified experts that will work on your motorcycle. It pays to shop and not be misled by smart marketing efforts that represent a mere appearance of savings. Looking forward to seeing you in class.

Ride Legal - Ride Sober - Ride Smart. Visit us at

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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