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Ride Safe USA-Experts working to make motorcycle driving safe.

Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: Not all motorcycle safety schools are the same. The Motorcycle Safety Foundations (MSF) and the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) regulate loosely the various motorcycle schools in Florida. Minimum standards are expected by those who teach/coach. Sadly, the State agency fails to address the abuse of alcohol by scrupulous motorcycle dealers who peddle their products by enticing customers to drink free beers and eat free food, only to marginalize the dangers of drinking and riding. We at Ride Safe USA encourage all riders, their friends and families to reject drinking and riding. Let’s keep our riders safe and stop supporting dealers whoe marginalize drinking and riding. At the end of the day, it’s about riding safely and not making a handful of people more wealthy than they are at the expense of another person’s life.

Ride Legal - Ride Sober - Ride Smart. Visit us at

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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