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Get your motorcycle license-Ride Safe USA

Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: Drinking and riding a motorcycle is a deadly mix! Having any alcohol in one’s body increases the chance of crashing five fold. A BAC greater than 0.05% increases the risk of crashing forty-fold. Nearly 46% of motorcyclists killed in crashes were using alcohol. A quarter of fatal alcohol-related motorcycle accidents involved motorcyclists losing control and running off the road, overturning, or falling from the motorcycle istead of hitting anotrher object. The reason for the aforementioned is: Alcohol Affects Your Ability To “SEE” whis is an acronym for MSF’s strategy to help motorcycle riders maintain safety margins as well as remain prepared and able to respond correctly to traffic situations. See is to: Search for hazards that might lead to trouble. Evaluate how the hazards might interact to create risk; prioritize multiple hazards. Execute an action to maintain safety margins. Alcohol affects these three human elements of safe motorcycle driving. Join Ride Safe USA and enroll in a motorcycle rider’s course to learn how to drive a motorcycle. Our motorcycle school and motorcycle driving test will prepare you for future learning to ride and hone your skills. We service Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and Desoto counties. See you in our next motorcycle license class.

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