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Ride Safe USA Safety Tip: Ten well known issues that lead to motorcycle crashes. First, we must understand that there is rarely a single factor that leads to a motorcycle crash, there is generally and interaction of various factors. Prominent factors that lead to motorcycle crashes include: 1) Violation of right of way at intersections, motorist turning in front of you. 2) Debris or gravel in a blind corner, 3) Being sideswiped by a car or truck, 4) Underestimating a curve and losing control, 5) Being rear-ended by others, 6) Riding beyond your limits, 7) Driver opens his car door unexpectedly in close quarter traffic, 8) Slippery road conditions, 9) Improper front brake use, 10) Riding under the influence. These are just a few problems that can lead to a crash. To be safe, always use SEE search, evaluate and execute. Above all, keep a mental attitude of safety first, fun second.

Ride-Safe Ride-Legal Ride-Smart Keep the rubber side down.

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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