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Ride Safe USA Get your motorcycle license.

RIDE SAFE USA RIDING TIPS: Statistics from recent Studies by NHTSA, Florida, Kentucky, and Australia indicate that having any alcohol in one’s body increases the chance of crashing by five times. Having a BAC greater than 0.05% increases the risk of crashing about forty-fold. 46 percent of all motorcyclists killed in crashes were using alcohol. One fourth of all fatal alcohol-related motorcycle crashes involve motorcyclists running off the road, overturning, or falling from the motorcycle rather than striking another object. To be a safe motorcyclist calls for riding sober and not to tolerate or support motorcycle dealerships that promote drinking and riding as acceptable. In order to successfully pass motorcycle driving tests, you should attend a motorcycle training course that teaches motorcycle driving lessons with safety in mind. Get your motorcycle license at an MSF licensed motorcycle school and not a motorcycle dealership that promotes drinking and riding.

Ride Legal - Ride Sober - Ride Smart. Visit us at

Your Ride Safe USA Team

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